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Protecting Your Assets With Advanced Estate Planning

Planning for your future and your family’s future needs to start now. To obtain the most benefit from estate planning, you are better off starting sooner rather than later. Your full tax savings may be realized with the implementation of a number of estate planning tools on which an experienced estate tax planning attorney can advise.

At the Law Offices of Canalia & Clark, LLC, we are dedicated to helping our clients protect their savings. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience that we put to use when evaluating clients’ estates and providing recommendations for estate tax planning. Not all individuals and families need extensive estate tax planning. However, our lawyers are extremely well-versed in the laws and can help you understand how estate tax laws may affect your assets.

Helping You Minimize Estate Tax Costs

Though you have worked a lifetime to have some money set aside and paid taxes throughout your entire life, the government imposes one final tax at the end of your life. This is called the federal estate tax. Also referred to as the death tax, it can make a severe dent in the money you wished to pass on to your loved ones. Our firm can work to see that this tax is minimized or eliminated by implementing a number of different tools for you. Creating a comprehensive estate plan can be an integral part of addressing tax implications that may apply to your estate after your death.

Using Estate And Trust Tax Planning Tools That Will Work For You

In order to minimize the taxes that will have to be paid on your estate upon your death, we can act now to establish a number of estate planning tools that protect your money. By utilizing trusts and gifting, among other methods of asset transfer, our firm can help you reduce the amount of money that will be paid on four main types of tax:

  • The estate tax
  • The generation-skipping transfer tax
  • The gift tax
  • Trust and estate income tax

A member of our firm can explain the implications of these taxes on your estate and what we can begin doing in order to protect you, your family and the future generations of your family.

Creating Powers Of Attorney For Finances And Property

One important estate planning instrument is a power of attorney. A power of attorney is a legal instrument that allows you to name an agent who can handle certain financial affairs on your behalf. You can create powers of attorney for different specified aspects of your portfolio, like a power of attorney for real estate or investments.

Talk with an attorney about your goals. We can help you determine the right legal instruments to get the job done for you.

Focusing On Protecting You, Your Family and Your Future

Call our firm at 708-251-0566 or contact us online to schedule a free estate and trust tax planning consultation. A member of our legal team can make home, hospital or nursing home visits in order to accommodate our clients.